The most beautiful nook of Georgia – Tusheti – is located in northeastern Georgia, on the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains.

Any person, who has visited Tusheti even once, has had contacts with these open-hearted and most hospitable people, has felt a strange mixture of sadness and joy of life carried by Tushetians as a heritage received from their ancestors, has apprehended poetical nature of the world, in which Tushetians live and which they express in their poetic works, has listened to the Tushetian songs, full of deep mysticism and metaphysical sorrow, has watched Tushetian dances, has felt intimate, visible closeness with sons of god, while looking at the sky at daybreak and nightfall, cannot avoid keeping inside himself a nostalgia for this region. He easily understands why Tushetians take on heed of difficulties of the road and problems of living in the highland and why each spring Tushetians still mount their horses and go to spend several months in this fantastic world; You can also understand why you come across one or several men in each Tushetian village, who for some ten years spend especially cold winters among the snow-covered mystic mountains, thus feeling involved in the oldest and everliving divine services to God.