Corrugated by deep ravines, this picturesque part of Georgia lies in the canyon of giant Caucasus Mountains. It is located on the north - east side of Caucasus. Caucasus mountain range divides Khevsureti into two parts: Piraket (this side) Khevsureti and Pirikit (beyond) Khevsureti. Pirikit Khevsureti consists of Ardoti, Shatili and Arkhoti valleys. Piraket Khevsureti lies in the Valley of Aragvi River. On the east, Khevsureti is bordered by Chechnya and Tusheti, by Khevi and Mtiuleti on the west, by Kisteti on the north and by Pshavi on the south.

The slopes of western Khevsureti are covered with lush leafy forests. Eastern Khevsureti is rich with subalpine and alpine meadows full of flowering plants.

The folklore of Khevsureti is unique and distinctive with its folk poetry and folk music masterpieces, with its national cloths, unrivaled folk dance or with its inimitable Georgian cold arms or their unique qualities.

The village of Shatili, sitting on inaccessible rock, is the pride of Khevsureti. Isolated and hidden from the outside world with the sole footpath to reach the world. The houses there are built in the shape of towers, forming a kind of protective wall.